Q. Do AutumnLeaf Beauty test their products on animals?                

AutumnLeaf Beauty is and will remain a cruelty-free company. We do not test our products on animals nor do we allow suppliers or affiliates to conduct testing on our behalf.

Q. How many items can I buy in one purchase?

There are no limitations on purchasing at this time.

Q. How is shipping handled?                                                                                    

We ship products via USPS. Please make sure your shipping address is correct as there is no signature required when receiving packages. We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages, in this case please contact your local post office 

Q. Where can I purchase AutumnLeaf Beauty products?

You can only purchase AutumnLeaf Beauty products from www.AutumnLeafBeauty.com.

Q. Do AutumnLeaf Beauty accept returns/exchanges?

Yes, AutumnLeaf Beauty does accept returns/exchanges. Make sure to read AutumnLeaf Beauty Returns/Exchanges Policy.

Q. May an order be placed without an account?

Setting up an account with AutumnLeaf Beauty is beneficial to our clients for several reasons, however it is not necessary for purchase. Please move forward with guest checkout.

Q. May I cancel or adjust  my order?

Once an order has been placed we are not able to cancel or adjust it. Please be sure to check your order before it is placed to make sure it is completely accurate.

Q. How to apply false lashes?

  1. Carefully remove first lash from lash tray.
  2. Hold the lash against your lash line to measure the length of your eye. 
  3. Trim the lash strip where it extends from your outer corner.
  4. Apply mascara (optional) and/or apply liner to fill in any gaps.
  5. Apply lash adhesive along the lash band and allow glue to sit for about 40 seconds or until glue becomes tacky.
  6. Use tweezers or fingers (wash hands before using your fingers to apply), eyelash applicator or hands to place lashes as close to your natural lash line as possible, start from center, then inner and outer side.

 Q. How to Clean and Care for false lashes?

 #1: Peel off the glue residue-If you look closely enough, you'll see the remaining strip of adhesive stuck on the base of your lash extensions. You'll want to peel the remaining off so it’s ready to be re-glued during their next use. 

#2: Create a cleaning solution-Fill a small bowl or sink with warm water and a little bit of soap. You can also add liquid makeup remover

 #3: Clean the lashes-Submerge your false lashes into your water/cleaning solution and gently rub them to encourage mascara or other makeup to dissolve off of them. 

 #4: Let them dry-Check the lashes for any remaining residue, and then set them in a clean place to dry. If you're in a hurry, you can also pat them dry. 

If you neglect to clean your lashes, you'll have a hard time reapplying them next time and soon you'll have false lashes caked in makeup. By keeping them nice and clean, you'll get more uses out of them in the long run and keep your eyes safe and bacteria-free!